Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Platinum Gold Level Sprint Clubs

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USA Canoe/Kayak Update from CEO Joe Jacobi

Stronger Clubs = Stronger USA Canoe/Kayak
Having spent considerable time over the past few weeks on USA Canoe/Kayak's 2014 High Perforance Plan, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the details of our National Programs. During this time, our coaches and staff engage in thoughtful and challenging discussions about the quality of and return-on-investment on all of our programs.

One program in which I'm proud of the progress we're making is our Sprint Club Recognition Program. Our National Sprint Development Director, Mac Hickox, developed this tiered system of benchmarks geared to BOTH high performance and Club sustainability.

Whether you're a forming a new Club from scratch, expanding an existing Club towards high level competition or moving an operational high performing Club towards greater financial independence, our Club Recognition Programmaps out that progression in alignment with the USA Canoe/Kayak's mission and goals.

With that, we are pleased to announce our first Platinum Gold Level Sprint Clubs:

These three Clubs met the highest standards in the areas of Club Management, Program Offerings, Community Outreach and SafeSport Practices.

Providing Clubs with more tools and resources to build stronger organizations to better support their athletes and coaches will ultimately raise stanadards across all the key touchpoints of the sport and move of us closer to our mission and goals.

Congratulations to all three of these Clubs.

With gratitude,
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