Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gabriella in Denmark

Hey  Team! 
 Denmark was an experience I will never forget. I was there for a week with my team and a  few others here in Sweden. We drove to the coast, then took a ferry to Denmark.  We got on the water twice a day, running practice in the mornings and some gym  workouts at their boat house. We practiced with the Silkeborg, Danish team everyday. They are SO good!!! It was fun when we tried communicating with them, there's quite a difference between swedish and danish so english came into good use!  We lived at a hostel and the danish food there was really good, which is great when you're at training camp good food is important. We did get some free time from 
training to see Denmark and it is so beautiful! While walking around town, stinky danish cheese could be smelled miles away! While training, some of the 12 year old danish paddlers got so far ahead from the rest of us! They train about  7 times a week. They have excellent technique in strength training and on the water. Training in Denmark has only made me harder and tougher.  
Unfortunately, Tuesday of last week was not the best day  to be on the water. First, there was a ton of rain, it started hailing. The  water was a bit wavey, and then I fell into 39 degree fahrenheit water. It is  fair to say it was 
freezing cold, and I was so shocked! It was me and one other  friend who was at practice that day, and we had no boat that followed us like we  usually have. My friend helped me with my kayak, and I swam as best as I could  to land. It was difficult to catch a breath, now I understand why Swedes (and  the danish) wear life jackets due to the ice cold water. New experiences come all  the time, I just hope this one was the first and last time. And I thought the water  at Fiesta Island was cold in the winter...haha.
 Last nights practice was beautiful though, we had sunshine the whole practice. It was  a nice San Diego winter kind of day. Here in Sweden we're very thankful for days  like those, even now in April.  
This Friday I will be leaving for the last kayak camp that I will be able to attend before I come home to San Diego! It's a team boat camp that most paddlers from different teams here in Sweden will be attending for those born in 97 and 96.  Can't wait!
Congrats to everyone who made the Development and Junior National Team!!!
Enjoy the pictures from Denmark!                         Gabriella

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