Friday, March 30, 2012

Gabriella Update

Hey Team!! 
My team and I got on the water for the first time this year on Saturday! All (well most of the ice) has melted so we were able to get on the water. March is considered early to get on the water here, last year the ice was still very thick. So we were all excited to paddle again and I was there thinking FINALLY!! Haha..We had to fight through the remaining ice by the dock, it was pretty cool and sounded like paddling through a bunch of glass, I was nervous I was going to  ruin the kayak! We couldn't paddle everywhere on Saturday because some of the  lake was still frozen, but tonights practice everything was as good as gold to paddle plus a beautiful sunset!! And luckily no one fell in on Saturday.  
I am so happy that we are able to get in some practices on the water before next week because then our team along with a couple other teams that have also been together with us for ski camps are now going to Denmark for a kayak camp!!!! We will be there for 6 days under our Spring break, training with different teams here from Sweden, and Denmark! 
7 months have gone by and I really miss the team! I can't wait to see you all in about 3 months!!
-Gabriella Garcia- 
In the picture attached, I'm in the white kayak far left.

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