Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another Chilly Update from Gabriella

I just got back from another cross country skiing camp this time  in Ă…nnaboda, Sweden. My kayak team and the kayak team that's  about an hour away from my city was there for the weekend. We skied around the  track, did some long distance, technique, and had some races! On Saturday we  skied about 6 miles on the lake and it was sunny and -4 degrees Fahrenheit,  definitely my record of cold weather so far. I had ice and snow all 
over my face  and had a blast. On Friday we went to an indoor water park because it was so  cold outside we all felt like our toes were going to turn into ice cubes within  seconds. I heard you guys are getting sunburned in February. I forgot what that  feels like. I am a little less experienced with cross country skiing than all  the others but managed to keep up with the group with the exception of a couple  falls and few bruises on my knees. 
Paddle harder for me while I'm skiing waiting for the ice  to melt away from the lake so I can get on the water 
I hope everyone is well!


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