Monday, January 2, 2012

Holiday Update from Gabriella in Sweden


It's been a while...
A couple of weeks  ago I was at a cross country ski camp in Bruksvallarna(Sweden) with my team and  a few other kayak teams here in Sweden! It was the first time I have  been cross country skiing and now I love it! 
We were there for a week and had two hard practices everyday. The morning practice usually consisted of long distance, we skied up Sweden's longest  uphill  ski trial and it felt amazing to reach the top, and the view was simply breathtaking! Then at night we did a whole lot of technique drills, and races!
Unfortunately we didn't get in any cross country skiing practices before the camp because of the unusual "warm" winter for Sweden with an average of about 37 degrees fahrenheit. It sure feels like winter to me!
On Christmas day a few of us on the team were on the water paddling! They couldn't remember the last time they could go out for a paddle on Christmas. All we needed to do was put on a bunch of layers, santa hats, break 
the ice next to the dock and then we were ready to paddle away! And our Christmas day paddle even made the paper. (See in the attachment). 
Other than that our winter training has consisted of swimming, weight lifting, running, and medicine ball exercises as shown in the picture attached. (I'm far right in black) 
I hope you all had a great holiday season and now I wish you a very Happy New Year!!
It's been a great year!
-Gabriella Garcia

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