Monday, October 31, 2011

Tjänare från Sverige! Hello from Sweden from Gabriella...

 I've had 3 races pretty  recently! One  of them was a city sprint right in  our tiny little canal in the middle of downtown which was fun and a lot of  people came to watch! I got to race against boys as well! It was only a 75 meter  quickie it felt like I just started and  stopped, but I took first place which  felt awesome for it being in the city I was born in. The second  race was a big one where people came from all over Sweden and even Denmark! This race took place in a city called Jönköping. We were there for a weekend, stayed in cottages and raced k1 and k4 200, 500, and 2,500 meters and the seniors raced 1,000 meters as well. Since there is only 1 other girl on my
team I raced with the other 16 year old girls from a city called Örebro, which was a blast!
It rained all day the second day and we were all cold so I thought of Georgia's heat. Denmark basically took home all the medals, but it was fun racing against them and then watching their technique.
Lastly, my favorite race was a triathlon we had at my club which consisted of paddling 2000 m, cycling 3000 m, and running 1000 m. Sofia Paldanius came and we worked on technique with her on the water and she
gave us some great tips, and shared how she is preparing for the Olympics!
 Now it is far too cold to still be paddling on the water, so we've been running, working out at the gym, and
 Hope all is well!
  -Gabriella Garcia

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