Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blog from SDCKT paddler Gabriella in Sweden

Hello SDCKT! This weekend I was in Varberg which is on the west coast of Sweden competing against the best paddlers here! "Every second counts" is a very true quote that I've heard around at SDCKT, because I was 1 second away from placing 3rd in both my k1 & k2 200m final.  They are very good here!! I raced k1 200 meters, k2 200m with 18 year olds, and k1 long distance 8,500m. Thankfully it wasn't in 100 degree weather haha! The weather this past weekend was nice for Sweden though, as you can see in the attachment I was able to have a tank and spandex shorts! Otherwise the weather here is too cold for a San Diego girl in the month of September, one of our practices it was raining so hard on us I thought it was hailing. My teammates here laugh when I tell them that we don't paddle in the rain in SD. We practice Mon. Tue. Wed. Thurs. & Sat. but I don't paddle Mondays because I have rehearsal with Västerås' symphony orchestra, I play violin.  But when I'm on the water I try keeping up with all the boys! Hope all is well! -Gabriella  P.s. Enjoy the perfect SD weather for me

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