Monday, February 7, 2011

Epic Kayaks and Valhalla Surfskis Winter Race Series

Garen (Right) Michael (Center) and Cody Smith (left) at the OTC
Garen Doyle stands on top of the table for the U19 Boys racing in The SOCAL Winter Race Series for the chance at winning an EPIC KAYAKS V10 Sport Surfski! He is followed by Michael Lowe of San Diego. Michael and Garen frequently race K2 together and both attended the USA Canoe Kayak Junior National Team Training Camp at The Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista last October.
On the ladies side Hanieh Khatibi is fast establishing herself as the leader and the favourite to win the VALHALLA  Surfski. She is closely followed by Lexie and Sydney Bohlman. The Bohlman girls have already won an Epic and Valhalla each and are always at the top of the tables in the surfski races.
For a full list of the current standings Click Here.


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