Monday, December 12, 2011

Lightning Series Results After Race #2

Lightning Series results and points standings after 2 Races ....listed below
Click Here for Results and Times
Click Here for Overall Points Standings

SoCal Series points after Race #2 Oceanside

Click on the links below to see which High school is leading after two races, who's on track to win an EPIC or VALHALLA Surfski and who's at the top of the table for the 2012 US Surfski Champs Scholarship!!!
Click here for the SOCAL Paddling League Points (SPL)
Click here for the SOCAL EPIC/VALHALLA Surfski Series
Click here for the SOCAL Ocean Racing USSSC Scholarship Points

Friday, December 2, 2011


For results of the EPIC/VALHALLA Standings after the La Jolla race click here

For results of the US Surf Ski Champs Junior Scholarship standings after the La Jolla Race click here

For results of the High School Standings in the SOCAL Winter Race Series after the La Jolla Raceclick here

Sunday, November 13, 2011

First race of the 2011-2012 Lightning Race Series takes place under a beautiful sunset!

On Friday November 11th, 2011 as we remembered all of our veterens who proudly served their country the first of the SDCKT Lightning Series races took place under a beautiful sunset on a glassy Mission Bay. (Thanks to Antoinette -Philip and Guisepppe's Mom for the picture!!)
Last years winners Josie Ballard and Noa Hopper were back in fine form racing well with new and improved technique. However, watch out for new comers Evan Truesdale and Mira Corrao who posted some impresssive times for their first races in the series. All of the Lightning racers no matter where they came raced hard and with confidence. It will be exciting to see how their times get faster as they push themselves in practice and races over the next 6 months!
Click here for times and results.
Click here for Overall Series points standings.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Tjänare från Sverige! Hello from Sweden from Gabriella...

 I've had 3 races pretty  recently! One  of them was a city sprint right in  our tiny little canal in the middle of downtown which was fun and a lot of  people came to watch! I got to race against boys as well! It was only a 75 meter  quickie it felt like I just started and  stopped, but I took first place which  felt awesome for it being in the city I was born in. The second  race was a big one where people came from all over Sweden and even Denmark! This race took place in a city called Jönköping. We were there for a weekend, stayed in cottages and raced k1 and k4 200, 500, and 2,500 meters and the seniors raced 1,000 meters as well. Since there is only 1 other girl on my
team I raced with the other 16 year old girls from a city called Örebro, which was a blast!
It rained all day the second day and we were all cold so I thought of Georgia's heat. Denmark basically took home all the medals, but it was fun racing against them and then watching their technique.
Lastly, my favorite race was a triathlon we had at my club which consisted of paddling 2000 m, cycling 3000 m, and running 1000 m. Sofia Paldanius came and we worked on technique with her on the water and she
gave us some great tips, and shared how she is preparing for the Olympics!
 Now it is far too cold to still be paddling on the water, so we've been running, working out at the gym, and
 Hope all is well!
  -Gabriella Garcia

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blog from SDCKT paddler Gabriella in Sweden

Hello SDCKT! This weekend I was in Varberg which is on the west coast of Sweden competing against the best paddlers here! "Every second counts" is a very true quote that I've heard around at SDCKT, because I was 1 second away from placing 3rd in both my k1 & k2 200m final.  They are very good here!! I raced k1 200 meters, k2 200m with 18 year olds, and k1 long distance 8,500m. Thankfully it wasn't in 100 degree weather haha! The weather this past weekend was nice for Sweden though, as you can see in the attachment I was able to have a tank and spandex shorts! Otherwise the weather here is too cold for a San Diego girl in the month of September, one of our practices it was raining so hard on us I thought it was hailing. My teammates here laugh when I tell them that we don't paddle in the rain in SD. We practice Mon. Tue. Wed. Thurs. & Sat. but I don't paddle Mondays because I have rehearsal with Västerås' symphony orchestra, I play violin.  But when I'm on the water I try keeping up with all the boys! Hope all is well! -Gabriella  P.s. Enjoy the perfect SD weather for me

Sunday, May 1, 2011


This year at the Three Nations regatta SDCKT Coach Chris Barlow  was recognized by the Ensenada, Baja Mexico Canoe Kayak Team Coach Jose Luis Espinoza and awarded a special plaque and trophy.
 The inscription
  “To Chris Barlow for his unconditional
support to kayaking and canoe teams in Baja California, Mexico –Jose Luis
Espinoza, Principal Coach - 26th March

The Three Nations Regatta is held every year between teams from
Baja California Mexico, British Columbia, Canada and San Diego, CA USA. In
  addition teams from Tijuana and Ensenada, Mexico frequently attend San Diego
  Canoe and Kayak Team workouts, time trials and Camps. Over the years SDCKT has
  donated boats to their friends south of the border and there is always great
  races and friendly competition between these two countries. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Congratulations to Chris Barlow, Head Coach San Diego Canoe and Kayak Team who has been named as the USA Canoe Kayak 2010 Coach of the Year. These awards were presented at the OKC Coaching Conference on Sunday February 13th, 2011
Chris has been the Head Coach of SDCKT for the past 14 years. He has the High Performance One certification and is currently training in HP2. Chris was an assistant coach at the Lake Placid Camp in June of 2010 and the Fall Kayak Camps in October. At the Pan Am Championships in Mexico City in October of 2010, he was the Head Coach of the USA Junior National Team. He will be an assistant coach at the OTC CV February 19 to 24, 2011 kayak camp. Chris has been the Vice Chair of Sprint Coaches Association Board of Directors since 2009. Every year SDCKT athletes achieve the Barton Bantam 200km Club and this was the case in 2010 as well. At the USA Canoe Kayak National Championships in OKC in 2010 SDCKT won the Bantam Overall Championship title.

                                            CHRIS BARLOW - 2010 SCA Coach of the Year

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lightning Series Overall Standings after 7 Races

SDCKT athletes in the 14 and under age groups have been braving the elements every two weeks on Friday evenings and racing the Lightning Class boats to see who can get to the top of the results table. Racers now have the opportunity to drop their lowest scoring races as only their best 5 will be counted at the end of the series.
Click on the link below to download the latest results table. Noa Hopper, after missing the first two races of the series has been slowly but surely moving up the standings and finally this week moved into the number one spot ahead of  Bayley Olds. Bayley has consitently been the winner at the Time Trials, but as Noa gets 2 age points (being under 12) he has acrued more points than Bayley. Josie Ballard continues to hold the Number one position in the ladies competition, with Lilly Glasser and Lauren DaCosta moving up the rankings with a late challenge for the top spots.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Lightning Series Results after 5 Races

We are now 5 races into The Lightning Series and the standings are getting interesting as athletes start to drop their worst scores and only count their best results. Its looking like quite a battle at the top of the boys with Bayley Olds, Esteban Plata from the Tijuana Team, Hayden Stone and Evan Truesdale. But lets not discount Gradon Church and Noa Hopper who are fast moving up the ranks also. On the girls side Josie Ballard just streaked into the lead with Alejandra Valdez and Jennett Rivera from Tijuana in 2nd and 3rd. For a full look at the current standings Click Here for pictures go to SDCKT on Facebook.

Epic Kayaks and Valhalla Surfskis Winter Race Series

Garen (Right) Michael (Center) and Cody Smith (left) at the OTC
Garen Doyle stands on top of the table for the U19 Boys racing in The SOCAL Winter Race Series for the chance at winning an EPIC KAYAKS V10 Sport Surfski! He is followed by Michael Lowe of San Diego. Michael and Garen frequently race K2 together and both attended the USA Canoe Kayak Junior National Team Training Camp at The Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista last October.
On the ladies side Hanieh Khatibi is fast establishing herself as the leader and the favourite to win the VALHALLA  Surfski. She is closely followed by Lexie and Sydney Bohlman. The Bohlman girls have already won an Epic and Valhalla each and are always at the top of the tables in the surfski races.
For a full list of the current standings Click Here.